All Roblox Promo codes

Roblox is a fun online game platform where you can become an architect in the virtual world. If you like creating or building something based on your interest, Roblox is the right place since it’s also available for all Roblox promo codes. You can also become Roblox’s administrator and use many codes to enjoy the game. If you become Roblox administrator, you can execute game-altering script commands.


Roblox is an ultimate multiplayer online game platform which has become one of the most popular ones. In Roblox, you can consider yourself as the ultimate architect who is able to create your own virtual world using various items. Besides, you can also become Roblox administrator who can use admin codes to give positive or negative effects during the game.


The code has positive effects in which it can bring back a player to the server using the code ‘ respawn/player]’. Here are other codes you can use while playing this game:

  • Use code ‘Ff/[player name] and shield/[player name]’ to bring defensive force fields to the player. Or use command ‘unff/[player name]’ to take away the effect.
  • You can also give tools to the players using command ‘give tools/[player name]’
  • You can give specific or special items to the player using command ‘give/[player name]/[item name].
  • If you want to be the most powerful player, use code ‘God/[player name]’. Then your player will receive such a great multiple power.


With all Roblox promo codes, you can also create negative effects for the players by typing these commands:

  • ‘remove tools/[player name]’ to take all tools owned by the player in the game.
  • ‘zombify/[player name]’ to turn the player into an infecting zombie who also is able to infect others.
  • ‘freeze/[player name]’ to make the player freeze in place. Use code ‘thaw/[player name]’ to reverse the freeze effect.
  • Use ‘jail/[player name]’ to put the player in a jail. To remove the jail, use command ‘unjail/[player name]’.
  • You can explode the player using command ‘explode/[player name]’. Then, use command ‘kill/[player name]’ to deal with other players who have the ultimate power.


Admin code can also be used to have some fun. You can act as a fun prankster with these commands:

  • ‘trip/[player name]’ to make the player fall to the ground.
  • ‘sit/[player name]’ to sit the player down.
  • Add sparkles to the player using command ‘sparkles/[player name]’ then use command  ‘unsparkles/[player name]’ to remove the effects.


You can also try to experience utility command as a Roblox’s admin. You can do it by using admin commands which will allow the player to perform some tasks and own some utilities in the game. For example, use command ‘m/[text]’ to show text message onscreen for all the players. You can also use command ‘max players/[number]’ to set how many players are allowed to join the server. Use command ‘shutdown’ to shut the server down. To give warning to the players who misbehave, you can use the command ‘Punish/[player name]’. There are many things you can do with all Roblox promo codes.