Berezaa Games Radio Codes

These days, lots of gamers are looking for Berezaa games radio codes. This game was added back then in 2015 as a free model. You can find it on the bottom left corner of the desktop of Berezaa. In this game, you can use the volume control to let the sound effects be heard throughout the game. You can just the button ESC on your keyboard to go directly to the volume control of Roblox.


If you are still new to Berezaa radio game, here are the introduction of three controls available:

  • To be able to listen to the Tobu Music, you can use the pink icon, which has been added since 2016.
  • If you want to listen to other in-game music, use Orange icon on the screen. It can be listened to by everyone on the server as well. It’s getting better compared to the beginning though. The music will play unless a use played 5uC. You can change the channel of the radio as you wish. However, you can only do it if you play the song for more than 10 minutes length. If you play the song for less than 10 minutes then you can only change it for 10uC. You can directly skip the song for 30 uC if it’s been playing for less than a minute.
  • When you have found Berezaa games radio codes, you can also select the green icon. This icon will allow you listening to the Global radio. The music player can listen to any server. To change it, you will need to pay for 120 uC. If you are a player with the executive pass and don’t skip them, you can even change it to free mode.


However, there is also a controversial feature due to Global Radio since the users changing Global Radio to songs that other users have found annoying. The audio is said to be too loud with low-quality sound and sometimes it’s also inappropriate. Some of the song names for Berezaa games radio are Candyland, Sapphire, Cloud 9, Infectious, Intro&Tobu Holiday, Colors, Tobu&Syndec Dusk, Mesmerize, Good Times, Sweet Story, Sound of Goodbye, Roots, etc.


It is said that Berezaa wanted new sounds for Miner’s Haven to create the new look and feel for the game. In summer, Berezaa changed the music once more. The music was said to have more calm tone compared to music style before. Aside from the song, there is also sound effect. Created by Berezaa such as Tick, Error, Ore Pulsar Placing sound, Rebirth, Sacrifice, Notification, Obtain sound, etc.


To find the music IDs of song that you like, you can directly go to Roblox’s official website and type the title of the song. If it’s available on Roblox then it will appear in an instant. In Roblox, you can put awesome background music of your favorite in your game. If you like Berezaa games radio codes, get it now. However, make sure that you read ReadMe Tutorial when searching the song and apply it to your game’s background music.