Boombox Codes For Roblox

For you who are desperately in need for boombox codes for Roblox, let’s find out the most favorite songs here. It’s fun to have songs that you like or popular in your game. It can boost up your mood in every mode game you play. However, the songs have different IDs which is impossible for you to memorize all codes. So take your notes and find your favorite music here.

  • 4 am by 2 Chainz ft Travis Scott – 846234986
  • Riot by 2 Chainz – 266829723
  • Spend it by 2 Chainz – 181765082
  • We Own It by 2 Chainz & Wiz Khalifa – 152669449
  • Ghetto gospel by 2 Pac – 154399265
  • Hit em up by 2 Pac- 132525963
  • Air it out by 21 Savage – 338421162
  • All the smoke by 21 Savage – 853083687
  • Amnesia by 5 Seconds of Summer – 163884149
  • Get Up by 50 Cent – 176993032
  • In da club by 50 Cent – 155128902
  • Night Prowler by AC/DC – 604941064
  • N.T by AC/DC – 853133649
  • Hello by Adele – 313694441
  • He won’t go by Adele – 506307076
  • Skyfall by Adele – 224089723
  • Angel by Aerosmith – 402271296
  • Unstoppable by Afrojack – 322418388
  • Take on me by A-ha – 288703954
  • Hungry by Airborne – 248684422
  • Lonely by Akon – 217040577


There are many other boombox codes for Roblox that you can find and play your favorite song while playing the game. Boombox has become one of the most favorite ‘must have items’ especially for young people. At the start of the launch, the boombox included a CD player. Meanwhile, it now consists of one or two tape recorders/players as well as AM / FM radio. The device is capable of receiving radio stations and playing music recordings. That’s why the boombox is loved by many people especially those who are still young.


Currently, Boombox is not just about listening or recording music. You can use Boombox and thousands of other games to build great games or experiences. With Boombox, you can play music for other people to hear. It is also an earbud choice for you to play locally. However, you need to remember that the boombox is not compatible with the gamepad.


There are many things you can do with Boombox items in Roblox. You can even customize your avatar with Dubstep Boombox and millions of other items. You can also mix and match this year with other items to suit your favorite and preferred styles. There are also many songs and even thousands of songs that you can play with Roblox to keep your mood in playing Roblox games. Find songs you love and play in any game mode you want.


With Roblox game, you can play with fun. There is no limit to exploring your creativity to create and build your world. You can organize your music, fashion, design, and everything to suit your style and preferences. Find your favorite boombox code for Roblox now and set it to have fun.