Codes for outfits in Roblox

In Roblox, you are able to dress your character according to your preference. However, you need codes for outfits in Roblox. There are many options related to outfitting started from the dress, pants, hats, etc. The outfit is one of the most important parts of Roblox. How your character dress can show your personality as well. Hence, choosing wisely your character’s outfit is a must. In Roblox, the players are not only male but also females. Thus, there are lots of female players looking for dresses for the various occasions such as party wear, prom dress, or special festive events such as Christmas party and stuff.


Here are dress codes for girl’s outfit:

  • Pink tank top – 190692323
  • Unicorn pj’s – 199508144
  • Forever 21 – 113922200
  • Blue skirt – 184419495
  • Sparkle shirt – 106530993
  • Dress and boots – 163305945
  • Daisy shirt – 152579635
  • Blue dress – 15322351
  • Serial – 153450370
  • Overalls and crop top – 152120116


Above are the codes for outfits in Roblox for girls. However, you can complete the look of your character with additional items and accessories like hats, ties, etc. Here are some favorite items with their codes:

  • 1920s Flower hat – 11677728
  • 2009 Graduation Cap – 11721340
  • 2010 Party cap – 20044751
  • 7 Jockey – 15550401
  • 8-ball Headphones – 60674565
  • 80s Checkerboard shutter shades – 11260107
  • A dark omen – 62679779
  • Aloha shades – 60662943
  • American star – 55269643
  • Amerisnorkles – 60662771
  • Amethyst vision visor – 39520178
  • Angel eyes – 13547077
  • 10 Lives – 50943378
  • Ameriscarf – 12075978
  • Bacon Tie – 63646305
  • Bejeweled Necklace – 40893248
  • 8-bit Wings – 50777924
  • America’s swords pack – 16349186
  • Bat shawl – 31354436
  • Butterfly wings – 12475410


The codes above are not the entire options you can choose in Roblox. There are many other interesting outfit and accessories for your characters available in Roblox to complete the look of your character. If you can’t find the clothes or items you are searching for above, you can directly go to Roblox’s official website.


Then, search it by simply typing the name of the clothes or accessories you are looking for or go to the Library and search the one that you are looking for by scrolling down the list. It is fun to dress your character according to the style that you prefer. There is no limit on which style you can choose since there are so many options for outfit and accessories you can purchase in Roblox.


When it comes to expressing your creativity, Roblox is surely the best place to go. It allows your imagination to create and build your world. There are also many types of games you can play on Roblox. The games are created by creative developers as well as other players. You can try playing the game that you like the most. To be able to choose the items of outfits and accessories you like, you need to increase your revenue to purchase them. So go get your favorite codes for outfits in Roblox and have some fun dressing up your character.