Free Gear On Roblox

Playing your favorite games in Roblox must be exciting since there are the variety of items you can use to win the game. One of the most favorite items is the free gear on Roblox. Gear are items that usually appear as tools. They are worn on the avatar profile of the player. They are allowed to be worn as well in the game which has also allowed the gear’s specific attributes and genre.


There are varieties of gear in Roblox such as musical, laser, transport, etc. There are about more than 1.2 thousands of gears available in Roblox as of this year that can be used by the player for their benefit in the game. Here are some of  the gear genre in Roblox:

  • Ranged Weapon is the type of weapon which works effectively on distant targets. Lasers and guns are examples of this gear genre. However, some range weapons behave indirectly like via spawned minions which attack other players.
  • Melee Weapon is a close quarter weapon which typically edged weapon. The examples of this type of gear are swords, hammer, or dual-wielded.
  • Power up gear is the type of weapon which usually enhances the player in some ways like the weapon which can increase max health or walking speed.
  • The explosive weapon is the type of weapon which can explode. This is the most favorite item for free gear on Roblox. It can be used to clear the enemies behind cover both in the group or for general chaos like bombs, or rocket.
  • Navigation enhancer weapon is the type of gear which helps the player to move around the game effectively like jump higher, flying, etc.
  • Social items are the gear which is typically used for social events such as dancing potions.
  • Building tools are the type of gear which can be used to build or modify in-game structures such as pain bucket. This type of gear is not explosive.
  • Musical instruments are gear used to play music by the players such as guitar, drums, etc.
  • Personal transport is gear used to help Robloxian to move around the map effectively such as spawn vehicle models.


Here are some of favorites gear codes in Roblox:

  • Boxster 2XH – 15806914
  • Dark Pegasus – 19126180
  • Flying Vacuum – 31354708
  • Gravity Disruptor – 10111060
  • Personal Rocketship – 29808528
  • Cowbell – 20373160
  • Drum Kit – 33866728
  • Guitarmy – 47871615
  • Alien Parasite – 76170515
  • Anchor Canon – 15566208
  • Attack Ocelot – 43998881
  • BB Gun – 42845609
  • Breath of Fire – 16814051
  • Chimera – 87361508
  • Explosive Spy Pen – 95258660


Some gear items are set to expire in a certain amount of time. However, they are cheaper compared to other gears. You can either choose to buy expensive, cheap or free gear on Roblox to meet your needs for playing the game. However, free gears don’t mean that they work less effective. It depends on what you need for the games and how you use them.