How To Copy Clothes On Roblox 2017

Dressing up your avatar with nice clothing is a must in Roblox. However, lots of players are even wondering how to copy clothes on Roblox 2017. There is information about the change of copy clothes for Roblox in 2017. Whether it’s true or not, this has been taken seriously especially by the new players. Well, clothes are important items in Roblox that every player must want their avatar to look great in fashion.


Roblox has the specific rule in letting the players go with their clothing. A player is allowed to wear at the most 3 hats, 1 shirt, 1 T-shirt, and a pair of pants, to carry 1 gear item. And you need to remember as well that to get the items, you need to buy them using Robux, Roblox’s virtual currency. To be able to earn Robux, you need to increase your revenue by playing the game, selling items such as clothes, etc.


Here are some of the favorite dress codes for girl’s clothes:

  • Daisy shirt – 152579635
  • Blue dress – 15322351
  • Pink dress – 47836359
  • Rainbow dress – 53836504
  • America’s flag dress – 55122251
  • Unicorn pj’s – 199508144
  • Forever 21 – 113922200
  • Blue skirt – 184419495
  • Rock style dress – 40446400
  • Sparkle shirt – 106530993
  • Cozy tanktop – 60249697
  • Floral pink tanktop – 52440212
  • Dress and boots – 163305945
  • Red dress – 233906933
  • Space dress – 876512954
  • Serial – 153450370
  • Overalls and crop top – 152120116
  • Pink tank top – 190692323


To complete the look and to make the cloth look more extravagant, here are some of the codes for accessories:

  • Bunny shoulder friend – 23071633
  • American star – 55269643
  • Colorful poncho – 15609545
  • Earth shades – 23890263
  • Amethyst vision visor – 39520178
  • Frozen friend – 56889104
  • Germany cap – 26018456
  • Gnome – 45941295
  • Candy crusher – 32731962
  • Amerisnorkles – 60662771
  • Pool Shark – 12586150
  • Dust Mask – 21069972


So how to copy clothes on Roblox 2017?

  • First, you need to visit Roblox official site and find Catalog section. Then, click the clothes, for example, click the ‘Shirts’ to see the list of shirts available in Roblox. This can be found on the left side menu.
  • Once you find your favorite shirt, just click on the link. Then a new window will soon open and show you the information related to the item/shirt.
  • Next, you need to go to your browser window and highlight the web address. Then, change the address’s last number to the next lower value decimal. For instance, change the last number of ‘5’ to ‘4’. It will let the shirt’s template to appear in the window of the browser.
  • Next, right click on the shirt’s template and select ‘Copy’. Finish.


To find specific clothes, accessories, and other items, you can go directly to Roblox’s website. There you can search by simply typing the name of the clothes or accessories you are looking for in the box search. Once you find the clothes codes, you just need to copy them. codes properly. That’s the brief explanation on how to copy clothes on Roblox 2017. It’s so easy even for the beginners.