How To Copy Roblox Shirts

Your avatar in Roblox should have amazing looks by being dressed in cool outfits. The shirt is one of the most used items in Roblox. However, there are players who don’t know yet how to copy Roblox shirts. It’s not so hard to copy shirt since the player will also be guided to do so. There is clear direction to easily copy shirts on Roblox. Well, clothes are important items in Roblox that every player must want their avatar to look great in fashion.


However, you need to keep in mind that Roblox has the specific rule in letting the players go with their clothing. A player is allowed to wear at the most 3 hats, 1 shirt, 1 T-shirt, and a pair of pants, to carry 1 gear item. You also need to remember that to get the items you want, you need to purchase them using Robux, Roblox’s virtual currency. Robux can be earned in many ways includes selling your clothes such as the shirt, T-shirt, hat, etc. However, only BC members can do so.


Roblox is indeed a great online game that let you be bold to boost up your creativity and imagination. If you think you have great fashion sense, you can apply it while playing Roblox since you can dress up your avatar with nice outfits. Furthermore, you can display and sell them. As the result, you will receive robux and become millionaire Roblox player. As you know that robux is important to purchase any items you want in Roblox.


So how to copy Roblox shirts?

  • First, you need to visit Roblox official site and find Catalog section. Then, click the clothes, for example, click the ‘Shirts’ to see the list of shirts available in Roblox. This can be found on the left side menu.
  • Once you find your favorite shirt, just click on the link. Then a new window will soon open and show you the information related to the item/shirt.
  • Next, you need to go to your browser window and highlight the web address. Then, change the address’s last number to the next lower value decimal. For instance, change the last number of ‘5’ to ‘4’. It will let the shirt’s template to appear in the window of the browser.
  • Next, right click on the shirt’s template and select ‘Copy’. Finish.


To get the shirt of your favorite, you can go to Roblox’s catalog and find the codes. Each item has different codes that even a single digit represent the different item. Besides, each of them has the different price that you should spend. However, it is beneficial if you are BC member because you can sell what you bought. You can earn robux by selling cool outfits which can attract other players.


However, you need to be careful when entering the price since Roblox won’t be responsible to reverse the price once the item sold. That’s the brief explanation on how to copy Roblox shirts. If you are beginner player in Roblox, don’t need to worry about technical things since Roblox has provided clear information.