How To Get Robux Without Builders Club?

In the past, Roblox used coins for its in-game currency. However, it has changed to robux. It’s the primary currency in Roblox’s virtual online game platform. One of the best and safest way to earn robux is to sign up as a Builder’s Club member. However, lots of players are more curious about how to get robux without builders club. Is it even possible? To answer this question, let’s take a look at why you should become a Builder’s Club member to get robux.


First of all, you extremely need robux if you want to play Roblox especially when you are trying to achieve the certain level or just simply want to dominate your virtual world in the game. To get robux, Roblox has clearly stated that you first need to become a Builder’s Club member. With this membership, you will be able to earn at least fifteen robux daily. Aside from being Builder’s Club member, you can also sign up as TBC  (Turbo Builder’s Club member) or OBC, (Outrageous Builders). You will get 35 and 60 robux from memberships respectively.


To become a member, you need to pay a certain amount of money. So here is how to get robux without builders club:

  • You can develop a game to get robux without having Builder’s Club membership. In fact, you will receive the commission when your gear is sold.
  • Sell items in catalog whether it’s clothes, pants, or other items so you can get your profit. If you have trading and selling skills, this way might suit you the most.
  • You can also join a group to earn some robux. When you become a member of the group, you can sell any type of virtual items just what being displayed in the individual Catalog. Then, you will get ‘shared’ robux distributed by the admin of the group to all the members.


To see how many robux you have, you can either view it on your computer by visiting Roblox’s official website and log in using your Roblox’s account. The amount of robux you have will be seen on the screen once you successfully log in. You can click the icon ‘R$’ to see the amount clearly. Aside from sneaking a peek through your computer, you can also see it by accessing your Roblox’s account through the mobile device. The method is just the same as you use the computer.


To make it easier for you in monitoring the amount of your robux, you can download the mobile apps instead. It’s surely handier as you can use and check your current robux amount practically anywhere and anytime. You may find it difficult to find other ways to get robux aside from being a Builder’s Club member. But it’s true that there are only a few ways to get robux legally. You might receive an offering to get free robux legally. However, it must be scams since Roblox has clearly set the rules for all Roblox players. You may try the tips above to answer your curiosity about how to get robux without builders club membership.