How To Get Your Roblox Account Back

It sometimes happens that there are some issues relating to your account such as account hacking. If it happens to you then you must know how to get your Roblox account back. Even though it can be prevented, account hacking can happen almost to anyone. Some blackhat hackers are sometimes being too eager to exploit and hack Roblox player’s account. It might happen to you so you’d better know the way to get it back though.


Here are common problems related to losing your account:

  • You forgot your password so, in the end, you can’t log in at all and your account is blocked because you keep typing the incorrect password. If this happens, you can simply click the option available next to login menu named ‘forgot your username/password’. Then you need to input your email address and submit it. You will receive the confirmation message in your email account so check it and reset your password through a link available in the message. Finish resetting, you just need to submit the new password. Then follow the rest instruction and you can get your account back.
  • Another issue relating to losing Roblox account is when it’s hacked. This must be displeasing especially when you have earned pretty much Robux in your account. However, your Roblox account is valuable even if you don’t have that much of robux that you need to know how to get your Roblox account back no matter what. First, you need to clear your computer from file/data/program which potentially contains virus. Next, you can reset your password and make sure that make it not obvious or easy to guess by others. To make your account more secure, you must enable the 2 Step Verification. Set it up on the ‘Security’ menu on your account page.


Aside from being hacked, there is also another issue relating to your Roblox account such as login problem. This is quite common but Roblox has the solution. You must know that when login problem appears, it may due to several reasons such as:

  • Your browser might not be compatible with Roblox system. Thus, it makes you have difficulties in logging into your account. In fact, you can’t play Roblox at all if your browser is not compatible. So make sure you check your browser.
  • The misbehaved website also often happens to appear in login issue. You can solve this problem by cleaning up some cookies on your browser.
  • Another problem will appear when you log in is when the clock in your PC isn’t synchronized with the Roblox system. Thus, make sure you check the clock and make it synchronized with Roblox’s.


So those are some tips on how to get your Roblox account back when some issues appear. If you have tried those tips yet you can’t get your account back then you can contact the customer service to ask for help. Just make sure that you prepare your very first billing payment address for verification that the owner of the account is really you.