How To Get Your Roblox Account Back Without Email

Something bad might happen anytime. One of them is losing your Roblox account. Or, it could be forgetting your password. One of the most frequent questions is how to get your Roblox account back without email? Is this even possible?


It might happen that you forgot your password then your email used for signing up has already too old that it becomes inactive, etc. Or, your Roblox account got hacked all of a sudden and you cannot login with your email and the correct password. When something bad like this happens, just stay calm and find the solution.


Here are some tips to get your account back without email address:

First of all, find out the problem. Is your account got stolen or you forgot your own password? If it’s hijacked, you can do the same thing as you forgot the password. When you entered the option ‘forgot my password’ you will be required to enter your email address. So this is the problem. What if you don’t have email or your current email is in trouble as well? To solve this, you can make the new email. However, you need to confirm first to the administrator of Roblox. When you’re contacting the administrator or customer service, you will be asked about supported fact and data to ensure that the owner of the account is really you. You can give them a proof of first payment billing when you create your account on Roblox. Contact this email to ask for help from Roblox’s customer service or administrator.


Another way on how to get your Roblox account back without email is to use the hijacker’s email address instead. It’s possible that the hijacker changes your email address. Thus, you can log in to your email address. There you need to find if there is an email you receive about email changed verification. In this message, you will eventually see the hijacker’s email though. Thus, it’s your best opportunity to report him/her. However, it’s possible that the hijacker verified the email changes using his email so you don’t have the chance to do this method.


The one and only method are to contact Roblox via They will ask for data or something that can prove you as the real owner of the account. You can show them either your Roblox membership card, first payment billing, or your credit card. If everything is verified by Roblox then they will give your account back along with your email being reverted.


It is advisable that you activate or enable 2Step Verification so that your account is more secure. It is also important that you remember your password or write it on your note just in case you forgot it. Remember that you don’t need to be panicked when you’re unable to log in. It doesn’t mean you get hacked. It might be because you forgot the password or something. It’s advisable for you to put your email address on your account so you won’t get locked out easily. So that’s the tips on how to get your Roblox account back without email.