How To Import 3D Models Into Roblox

On Roblox, you not only being able to play the games but also becoming a developer and let your masterpiece shine. However, lots of developers even wonder how to import 3D models into Roblox. Unlike still objects, 3D models have different size and format so it often happens to developers having the problem to import them. There are know-how or tips surfaced on the internet but they don’t seem to work as well.


Lots of developers are also trying to ask this kind of question on Roblox forum but there wasn’t much of information delivered both from the Roblox itself and the other players. Here are common problems of importing models:

  • You don’t have permission for your account to read the object or files. Thus, your permission is denied and you can’t import your models. So the problem here is its containing directory. To solve this problem, you can change the permission setting by right-clicking the file you’re going to import in Windows Explorer. Then, you need to click ‘Properties’ and choose ‘Security Tab’. Next, you need to select your username in the option ‘Group or user names’.
  • There is also a case when the developers having difficulties to import files due to unknown reasons. How to import 3D models into Roblox in this case? You can try to export the same models with the same program to the same directory. However, you need to export it under the different name. Some developers found this solution worked. When it works, you can rename the files to the previous one and it will still work somehow. It’s kind of strange tips but some developers found this helpful. So you may be willing to try this tips if you don’t have the idea about the reason on why you have difficulties over importing your models into Roblox studio.
  • Another issue coming from importing objects such as 3D model is incompatible PC. Your PC might need to be upgraded or you need to have it replaced to the most recent one. It may not be the exact problem. But some developers find it easier in importing objects into Roblox after they’re upgrading their PC. If you can’t afford to buy new PC, you can simply upgrade your RAM memory. Your PC will work just fine after.
  • The problem of importing models can also due to incompatible or unsupported format. Thus, you need to change your model file to what format Roblox supports. To do this, you need to find out what kind of format that Roblox supports so you can import any objects without a problem. This method is the easiest of all that you can try without even the need to download certain apps or program.


When you’re new to Roblox, you may find it difficult but as you getting often try this and that, you will get used to it. Join forums to seek help or tips from the fellow developer of Roblox. And that’s also one of the ways you can find how to import 3D models into Roblox.