How To Import Obj Files Into Roblox

Roblox studio is the place where you can improve your creativity by developing a game. When you are new to Roblox, you might be wondering how to import obj files into Roblox. Basically, Roblox has provided you easy tool and step on how to import objects, models, and others. As Roblox studio is the all-in-one tool for everything you do to the game developing, you need to know everything about the studio. Sometimes you will face problems but when you get used to it, you can find the solution yourself.


Roblox Studio has a Toolbox containing models and decals. Those are made by other developers of Roblox or the members. You can actually use them if you need them for your game. They are for free anyway. You can also upload or publish your models.


Here is how to import obj files into Roblox:

  • Open your Roblox Studio and find the Toolbox button. It’s located on the right side of the very top bar.
  • Add your files in a form of models or decals freely using the button.
  • Once you add the files you want, they will be saved as Inventory. The files in the Inventory can be used whenever you need.


You can also try this method to import obj files into Roblox

  • You can download a program called Notepad++ first. The next step is to install the program on your PC.
  • Next, you can make your own 3D files, models, or decals. If you don’t have any of them, you can download them first. Choose your favorites ones then be ready for the next step.
  • Back to Roblox Studio, and open the Toolbox button. Add the files you have downloaded or made into the Studio and they will be included in your Inventory.


Importing files to the studio is one of the most crucial parts. You need to import many files needed to develop your game. The files or objects can be a simple model, 3D models, or a mesh. It depends on what kind of games you’re developing. Some developers have difficulties to find out how to import obj files into Roblox and the problems can due to various reasons.

  • If you have the problem importing obj files, it may due to your PC is incompatible with the Roblox system. Thus, you may need to upgrade the RAM memory to make it easier for your PC to import the files.
  • Your format files may be unmatched with the format that Roblox supports. Thus, you can change the name of the format then try to import it again.


Roblox studio is a fun tool to sharpen your creativity while giving you some income. Of course, you’ll be an advantage if the game you have developed gain lots of visitors and players. It’s fun to build your own game on Roblox Studio. Some issues may occur during the process but once you are able to overcome them, you’ll become a more prominent developer on Roblox. So that’s brief information about how to import obj files into Roblox studio.