List Of Admin Codes For Roblox


For those who like being the architect in virtual world must know about Roblox. When you are experienced you may want to get to another level. Even some Roblox players can become administrators. That’s when admin codes for Roblox used. What’s the role of Roblox’s admin? If you become Roblox administrator, you can execute game-altering script commands. However, you need knowledge of scripting and the programming language Lua to perform admin commands.


Roblox as a massively multiplayer online game has become one of the most popular social platforms. In Roblox, you can become the ultimate creator and designer of your virtual world. You can build, create anything using various items. You can also interact with other players or join in one game together. By playing performance, and being active in the community, as well as having good behavior will make some players become Roblox administrator which can use admin codes.


However, you need to remember that the codes have positive and negative impacts. There are various codes to use such as ‘Ff/[player name] and shield/[player name]’ for defensive force in the fields. If you want to take it away, use command ‘unff/[player name]’. You can also use the command ‘respawn/player name]’ in order to respawn certain player. To give the players some tools,  use command ‘give tools/[player name]’. Or, you can give certain items to the certain player using command ‘give/[player name]/[item name]. You can also use code ‘God/[player name]’ which will bring all positive effect to the player.


With admin codes for Roblox, you can also make negative effects by typing ‘remove tools/[player name]’ to take away all of the in-game tools. You can also use command ‘zombify/[player name]’ to turn the player in into an infecting zombie. Use command ‘freeze/[player name]’ to freeze the player and use ‘thaw/[player name]to reverse the effect. You can also make a player in jailed with command ‘jail/[player name]’ and use command ‘unjail/[player name]’ to remove the jail. To explode the player, use code ‘explode/[player name]’. and use code ‘kill/[player name]’ to kill another player who has ultimate power.


You can also use some codes to get some fun, for example, use ‘trip/[player name]’ to make a Roblox player falling down. Use command ‘sit/[player name]’ so the player will sit down automatically. You can add sparkles to the player using code ‘sparkles/[player name]’ and remove them with command ‘unsparkles/[player name]’. Thus, the codes can be used for the variety of purpose. You can pull a prank by using ‘naughty codes’ or make other players lose their power using codes which have negative effects.


If you want to experience utility command as a Roblox’s admin, you can use admin commands such as ‘m/[text]’ to display text message which is viewable to all players onscreen. You can also use command ‘max players/[number]’ to set a limit the numbers of players who can participate in the game. Use command ‘shutdown’ to shut the server down. To give warning players who misbehave, use the command ‘Punish/[player name]’. There are many things you can do with Admin codes for Roblox.