New Update Of Code For Rocitizens

Are you the fan of Roblox? Then you must have known about Rocitizen. You need code for the citizen to be able to play the game properly. For those of you who don’t know about Rocitizen, let’s find out about it briefly. Rocitizen in a game created by one of Roblox developers, Firebrand1. Previously, it’s known as Ross II. The game is simply about roleplaying so there is no specific goal. Lots of players find it the fun game even though there is no specific goal.


In this game, you can choose your avatar based on gender as well as spawn to be a Robloxian. You can also customize your avatar by purchasing items such as clothes or accessories. The game itself has been one of the most favorites. It has been played for more than 5 million. It’s such a popular game even though it has simple rules. This game has 5 careers with currently 9 homes. You can play the different role in each career. The role is based on the careers so you can choose any of them.


While playing this game, you can choose from homes such as villa or apartment. You can also customize your house with any types of furniture like couch, sofa, bed, table, etc. Basically, there is the endless option for items you can use to customize your favorite style both for the avatar or house in the virtual world of Rocitizen. You can explore your own imagination and creativity through the code for a citizen. There is no limitation on what kind of style you can show off to other players.


Here is some code for citizen so you get easier access to get bonus and stuff:

  • coldharsdcash gives you $3,500
  • cantthinkofcodenames gives you $2,000
  • alottlesomething gives you $4,000
  • I have fish gives you $1,000
  • youwishyouhadafish gives you $1,500
  • rainy day gives you $3,500


Please keep in mind that the codes are made by the creator of Rocitizens. If you want to enter a code, you need to go to the shop on the bottom left corner. Then, choose the last tab on the window which pops up. Next, click the black box in the middle and enter the code. However, you need to keep in mind that once you reset your progress, you can no longer redeem those codes. For your information, there are also codes which are already out of date.

  • ilovefirebrand1 gave you $4,000
  • god gave you $10,000
  • corner pocket gave you a free Pool Table
  • goodluckspellingsovereignty gave you Sovereignty Computer
  • Xmas bonus gave you $1,500
  • bugs are annoying gave you $2,500
  • all the moola gave you $1,000
  • canigetahottub gave you a free Hot Tub


Roblox has thousands of fun game that you can play such as Rio citizens. It’s the best place where you can freely express your creativity and imagination to the fullest. Build your own world with endless options for tools and items that you can purchase using robux. Use code for citizen above to get the bonus and free items.