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Personal Injury Attorney in Petesrburg, VA

John T Woods prices himself in over 30 years of helping thousands of accident victims in the Petersburg, Virginia and Richmond Metro area. The law firm focuses on car accidents, cases of negligence and workers' compensation. Mr. Woods has helped injured accident victims in their battle with the insurance companies and helped them get the compensation they deserve.

Insurance companies care about profits, not you.

They quickly try to settle any claims as cheaply as possible. Serious injuries can have either a temporary or lasting effect on your life. Often the extent of the damage may not be known for some time. At times like this you need to know your rights in order to receive the fair compensation you deserve. You need a lawyer who not only knows personal injury and wrongful death laws but can expertly apply them to your individual case.
In any case of wrongful death, accidental or traumatic injury, DON'T WAIT. By delaying, important evidence and details may be lost or forgotten. There are also time limitations placed on various types of claims. You may lose your right to make a future claim even if your injuries do not improve over time. Call 1-804-732-1000. You can also submit your case inquiry online.