Roblox Stuck On Configuring

In installing Roblox on pc most of the people usually come to face the failed in configuring Roblox. However no matter hundred times you tried to uninstall and re-download the app you still have the failure in configuring. It is a common problem and a few people have already found the easy solution to solve this problem for you.

Usually, roblox stuck on configuring caused by the data you put on your pc. I had no idea what is the relation between these unused data to the problem of configuring your Roblox but the problem solver is about deleting the data you don’t need.

How to avoid stuck on configuring to install Roblox

Before comes to the main problem solver, these ways we would like to inform you is subjective. Maybe it will work on some pc but not for the others. To help you find the right solution we will explain you 3 ways and hopefully one of them will make you Roblox work.

  1. Delete some data
  • Find control panel then go to programs. If you don’t know how to get to control panel just search on the “Type here to search” in case of my pc maybe different from the one of yours but the same thing will go to every new laptop I convinced.

  • Scroll down to find Roblox and uninstall them. Uninstall everything that written Roblox for sure. If you had two then uninstall them both.

  • Go to Mozilla or chrome (better to use the different web from previous) then reinstall Roblox. Visit the main web of Roblox and reinstall them. You will get to the download link and once you have downloaded it, they will tell you how to install them. It will not take a long time for some people only takes about several minutes.

This way it worked for some but not to the other. Well, maybe this way has already tried by you who are familiar with this kind of problem. But if this way does not work on your pc then no need to worry there are alternative ways for you.

  1. Disable your anti-virus

This way is the easiest way among other. First, you need to uninstall them just like in the previous tutorial. If your pc is protected by any particular anti-virus just click on the very right downside on your pc and click show hidden. After that find the icon of your anti-virus and click on it. Try to get the option to disable their protection. The following picture is how it works on other pc.

I believe maybe every anti-virus has their own option and way to disable their protection for some several times but the point is you need to disable them. Once you get your pc free from protection you can try to install them once again. It won’t take so many times to install and configure box on your pc and one last time this way is work for some pc but not for the other one.

  1. Reset your web and delete all Roblox data on your pc
  • Open up internet explorer
  • Click on the small gear icon on the very right of the corner up on the page. Click on safety and make sure that everything is not checked. Here is the illustration for you.

  • Then if you sure it is not checked, click on internet option just like the following picture.

  • After you click on internet option you will see this kind of table. In the right corner, you are going to click on advance and the following table will be shown. Still, in this table you must click on reset. No need to be the worry there is nothing will happen to this, it is safe.

  • After you reset your internet explorer, just click close to the next table showed then you must close everything you open on your pc. Restart your pc right away.
  • If you have already restarted your pc then now go again to the control panel just like in a previous way. From this, the next following ways are just the same. Go to uninstall a program, then search for Roblox. Uninstall everything that written as Roblox after that you can quit control panel.
  • The next step is you click on file explorer. Go to the download file and then search for Roblox on search download in the right up corner. After you found them, delete everything about Roblox. You really have to delete everything about Roblox on your computer. Okay, this is a long way, I know but it works really.
  • Once you deleted everything about Roblox on your download file, go to recycle bin. If you don’t know how to find recycle bin commonly it is on the home screen. Then again delete Roblox in there.
  • Next one you want to search for %appdata% on the type here to search table and click on that file. Once you get there, click on the previous one just like in picture down below or also you can click on backspace for a faster way.
  • So now you are on AppData and click on local. In the local folder search for everything related to Roblox then delete them. You really are deleting everything about Roblox. This is the way to clean off your computer from Roblox older file while you are downloading or configuring next when you reinstall them.
  • Okay so now your computer is clean. Go to Roblox and click on the game you wanted to play. Download it like you always do. Click on download link and you are finished. The next one is the tutorial from Roblox to install them on your pc. Download first and then they will configure. Give them several minutes but this way worked for so many people who tried.

Roblox stuck on configuring might be caused by some crashed or cracked in the file you put on your computer. But it might also cause by your anti-virus if you have one.