Songs Code For Roblox Boombox


There many songs and music you play on Roblox. However, you will need songs code for Roblox boombox. Music is a great thing that can maintain your mood in every situation included when you play Roblox. You can look for any song or music you like by typing the codes or IDs. If you don’t know, then you can see the list of some favorite and popular songs on Roblox below. Let’s take a look!

  • Time leap by Aero Chord – 44917084
  • Crazy by Aerosmith – 371715892
  • 4 am by 2 Chainz ft Travis Scott – 84623498
  • Ghetto gospel by 2 Pac – 154399265
  • Drama by AJR – 950099954
  • Spectre by Alan Walker – 279207008
  • Can I have a Joe by AlbertsStuff – 630904863
  • Air it out by 21 Savage – 338421162
  • All the smoke by 21 Savage – 853083687
  • Hereby Alessia Cara – 297842131
  • Amnesia by 5 Seconds of Summer – 163884149
  • Rehab by Amy Winehouse – 235870303
  • Get Up by 50 Cent – 176993032
  • Karate by Anne Marie 346974619
  • N.T by AC/DC – 853133649
  • Hello by Adele – 313694441
  • Halloween by Aqua – 449282085
  • Angel by Aerosmith – 402271296
  • Emotions by Ariana Grande – 184739277
  • Unstoppable by Afrojack – 322418388
  • Take on me by A-ha – 288703954
  • U by Austin Mahone – 154861377
  • Hungry by Airborne – 248684422
  • Lonely by Akon – 217040577
  • Do Re Mi by Blackbear – 715909632
  • Treasure by Bruno Mars – 216923825
  • Don’t by Bryson Tiller – 306080879
  • Paradise by Coldplay – 146441966
  • Technologic by Daft Punk – 244618090
  • Titanium by David Guetta – 177930116
  • Dessert by Darwin – 229990159


There much other code for Roblox boombox that you can find and play as your favorite songs while playing the game. You can search it on Roblox official website. Meanwhile, Boombox has become one of the most favorite ‘must have items’ in this era. Consists of one or two tape recorder/players, and AM/FM radio, the device is capable to receive radio stations and play recorded music.


Today, Boombox is not only about listening or recording music. You can use Boombox and thousands of another game pass to build incredible game or experience in Roblox Studio. In Roblox, you can play music for others to hear using Boombox pass.


In Roblox Studio, you can customize your avatar with Dubstep Boombox and other million items. You can mix and match this year with another item to meet your favorite and preferred style. There are also thousands of songs you can play with Roblox to maintain your mood in playing games. Find the songs you like and play it in every game mode you prefer.


There is no doubt that Roblox today is the most favorite online game platform. Lots of people are having fun with their creativity and imagination to create anything they like. With Roblox, you can totally express your interest in music, fashion, design, and everything according to your style and preference. Get your favorite song’s code for Roblox boombox and play it out loud for fun.