The Best Gear In Roblox

In Roblox, there are the variety of items you can use a tool for playing the games. One of them is gear. It is a must for the player to have the best gear in Roblox. Gear are items appear in Roblox games as weapon, instrument or tools. You can use the gears on your profile. They are allowed to be worn as well in the game The gear item in Roblox is varied such as musical, laser, transport, etc. There are about more than 1.2 thousands of gears available in Roblox as of this year.


There are various gear genres in Roblox, such as:

  • The first is Melee Weapon – This is a close quarter weapon. This is a typical edged weapon. The examples of this type of gear are swords, hammer, etc.
  • Next is Ranged Weapon – This is the type of weapon which works effectively to target on distant. The examples are lasers and guns. However, some range weapons may behave indirectly like via spawned minions which can attack other players when they are misbehaving.
  • Then, there is Exploding Weapon – This is the type of weapon which can explode. This is the best gear in Roblox since it can be used to clear the enemies hidden both in the group or general chaos like bombs, or rocket.
  • Power up the gear – This is the type of weapon which usually enhances the player through many ways. For example, you can use this weapon to increase the health level of your player.
  • Navigation enhancer weapon – This is the type of gear which helps the player to move freely during the game. It makes the player jump higher, flying, etc.
  • Musical instruments: This is the type of gear which the player can use to play music. For examples, piano, flute, guitar, drums, etc.
  • Social items – This is the gear which is typically used for the special occasion or social events such as dancing potions.
  • Building tools- This is the type of gear in which the player can use to build or customize in-game structures such as paint bucket. This type of gear is not explosive.
  • Personal transport – This is gear used to help Robloxian to move around the arena of the games. The example of this gear is spawn vehicle model.


Here are some of favorites gear codes in Roblox:

  • Banjo – 12909278
  • Bugle – 3363368
  • Cymbals – 20373160
  • Dueling piano – 28375543
  • Alpaca mount – 34668599
  • BC skateboard – 27902388
  • Classic plane – 16334857
  • Azurite katana – 28652617
  • Amerisword – 10815843
  • Airstrike – 88885539
  • Anchor canon – 15566208
  • Atmoshocker – 73829214
  • Blizzard wand – 68354832
  • Dance grenade – 65545955


Keep in mind that some of the gear items can be expired. This type of gear item is usually cheaper than other gears which don’t get expired by the time. You can also decide on which gear items that won’t be shown up in-game. Get your best gear in Roblox now.